May 5, 2016 we decided to go for Premium Desert Safari, We found this company through google which we think a very good company because of the feedback. So the travels starts when they pick us in our house around 3:30 PM, my husband and I are very excited for this trip because this is our first time. We have the front sit (yeah) its actually at the back of the driver. We pick up all other guest (we are maximum of 7 person inside the car). We travel so long from Deira to near Hatta, (maximum of 45-50 minutes) where we can see a Red Sand and a High Mountain Dunes. We had this stop over where we can go to refresh in up and buy some water or light drinks. Back to the trip, we finally arrived to the mountain of dunes it was so amazing, the driver is the best in making this dune bashing, I can still feel the drivers extreme driving in the dunes until now. After 20-30 minutes of Dune Bashing we had this another stop over in the middle of the desert for some picture taking in the sands and playing with it, after that we go straight to the camp I was very excited because I can see a camel first time in my life, we go around and take some photos we also try the national costume, we ride the camel take some snacks with soft drinks then around 7:00PM the BBQ Buffet is finally open their are a lot of food, have many choices starting from starter to the dessert, the food is very good and the BBQ is amazing. While we are getting our food the show also started, we can see it from our line, the first is "Tanoura Show" its a traditional dance from Egypt the dancer is so good he dance round and round and round with some light on his dress. Next Show is Belly Dancing she is a good performer, she had this charming face and a very graceful steps. She had many tricks in dancing and she even asked some person to go up in the stage with her. And of coarse before we leave and ended up our tour I think having a Henna Tattoo is the best part of it, so I was the last person in the line and luckily she is able to do it even for the last minute, because our car is about to go. Overall rating for this company is 10 out of 10.

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